Day 11 of 30 Day Fashion Design Challenge

Design avant garde/haute couture looks inspired by the popular Walt Disney villains, Hades from Hercules, the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Ursula from the Little Mermaid, the Evil Queen from Snow White, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, and Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians.

Before I begin, I want to let you guys know that it was my desire to convey a unity between the looks by having cohesive elements like cut-outs, sheer and see-through, raised necklines, dramatic shoulders, long sleeves, and lots of velvet detailing—so it could look like a more collection, fit for a villain! :)

You can catch my other Fashion Illustrations/Challenges by going to my Tumblr! To read the details and the thoughts I put into designing these garments to suit the villain, please click the Read More link below! :)


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Here are some of my very rough sketches of my newest Fashion Design Challenge that I’ve had for two weeks but haven’t gotten around to finishing! I recycle paper where I’ve messed up full body sketches and doodle on those before I sketch the ones I post on here, maybe you might be able to tell what the next challenge is about if you look closely. I think these designs have to be my favorite set since the Superhero Gown challenge. :)


YAY! I just finished creating links on the sidebar of my page for Photographs and of my Fashion Illustrations—which is mainly dedicated to my 30 Day Fashion Design Challenge I have been working on. I might make a link for the photos of Food I’ve taken, but that would take awhile since I’m always photographing nom noms. I’m thinking about making a link to the songs I published last year that I wrote, but I probably won’t since I don’t post my songs anymore. Maybe I should start again… Hm.

& I’m changing my URL soon too. I wrote my current URL on my fashion illustrations… So what I thought was a smart move so people couldn’t take my credit away was actually very much a silly idea. -.-

Day 10 of 30 Day Fashion Design Challenge

Design Katniss Everdeen’s wedding dress and Mockingjay dress inspired by the book Catching Fire, the second book of The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.

Wedding dress:

Details from the text: "[Cinna] unzips the bag, revealing one of the wedding dresses I wore for the photo shoot. Heavy white silk with a low neckline and tight waist and sleeves that fall from my wrists to the floor. And pearls. Everywhere pearls. Stitched into the dress and in ropes at my throat and forming the crown for the veil.”

Suzanne Collins paints the detailing of the wedding gown and vividly in this excerpt for me. The bodice is tightly fitted, as Katniss’ genius stylist Cinna goes on to describe later, where seams run down from her clavicle to her mid-breast and begin again underneath and run to her mid-thigh. The low neckline is deeply exaggerated. I did add a sheer trimming on the outer edge of the neckline so it’s not as revealing, and there’s a cut-out covered with sheer fabric on her waist. I almost tossed that idea—especially for a wedding gown—but I reminded myself that Katniss lives during a different time than now and the offbeat fashion Capitol voted this dress their favorite. The sleeves of the gown were tricky. When I had first read the book, I thought originally they were only fitted long sleeves; it wasn’t until later did I realize that they’re described to be as flowing and open as they are. The upper arm is fitted with a seam running down the arm, and begins to become more loose at the elbow. The top of the gown has hundreds of pearls heavily stitched in, and falls slowly down the the silk dress like a falling and settling snow. The bouquet she holds is stocked with primrose flowers, rue flowers, one katniss flower, and dandelions to represent her “real” love for Peeta, which are the only yellow flowers in the bouquet.

Mockingjay dress:

Details from the text: "Charred bits of black silk swirl into the air, and pearls clatter to the stage… I’m in a dress of the exact design of my wedding dress, only it’s the color of coal and made of tiny feathers. Wonderingly, I lift my long, flowing sleeves into the air, and that’s when I see myself on the television screen. Clothed in black except for the white patches on my sleeves. Or should I say my wings. Because Cinna had turned me into a mockingjay.”

I had too much of a thrill designing the Mockingjay dress, the way Suzanne Collins describes it is exquisite! I spent a little over a good half hour drawing the individual feathers and their detailing, with the feathers increasing in size as the gown lengthens. As the Mockingjay, Katniss must lead Panem through a revolution, so I drew her with her bow and arrow so she’s prepared for a fight. As the shoulder ends and the gothic ethereal sleeves begin, the feathers become an ombre from a charcoal to a lighter grey, and eventually to a white on the underbelly of the sleeve, with the sleeves still being the flowing shape for her wings. The dress is the same design, with the same exaggerated low neckline and sheer detailing that is maybe hidden by the feathers. The veil is described as fitted and black, I’m just now wishing that I had made it a Spanish cathedral veil instead!

I’m very happy with the results, let me know what you guys think! :) I wanted to fit the description as well as possible. & Hey, you can follow the rest of my fashion design challenges at my Tumblr! :) I just changed my URL from paramour-novels to radiyum, my apologies! Same designer, I promise!

Tonight I’ll be posting my Catching Fire Katniss gowns for my Fashion Design Challenges, so here’s a little peak of my little work station. :) I have more markers, prismos, and chalk than I thought! I haven’t played with chalk before, so I practiced a bit. It took listening to the entirety of the Sigh No More album from Mumford & Sons to do all the detailing of the feathers, and only one song to do the pearls. -.- My favorite song from Mumford is “Dust Bowl Dance,” it’s intense. Someone should do a film based off that song.

Day 9 of 30 Day Fashion Design Challenge

Design a cocktail dress inspired by these six Hollywood legends: Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley.

Elizabeth Taylor: The first thought that arrived to mind upon designing for the Dame was the color emerald. Although she is the woman with violet eyes, she is the woman known for her collection of jewelry. I designed a fitted mini-dress in homage to her curvy body, with different shades of green, like a jade and mint. As she did have an hourglass shape, I made waist cut-outs of sheer mesh as a little peek-a-boo. 

Audrey Hepburn: The classiest woman of them all was the most difficult to design for, only because I had so much to live up to. I wanted to steer clear of the obvious, like a little black dress or her famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s—a film I grew up watching. I instead found inspiration from her film Paris When It Sizzles, which is also how I came to choose the orange/reddish yellow color palette from her little dress. With a straight neckline, I made a corset-like bodice with a diamond-shape seam, fitted 3/4 sleeves, and bright orange petals that falls on her hips before a full skirt of layered chiffon. 

Marilyn Monroe: I automatically knew I wanted to create a modern version of her famously classic white halter dress from the film The Seven Year Itch, and this is what I came up with. A white bodice with a bustier like top with half cups. A grey plunging neckline in the shape of a U comes down to her near navel, with the center having a white sheer cover-up so not too much is exposed and overlaps to make an X shape. A full skirt of layer upon layer of white chiffon falls below, making a charming effect nearly reminiscent of her famous wind scene.

Frank Sinatra: Designing for Sinatra made me smile because I think of my big brother blasting his vinyl records in his room and singing along to good old Frank Sinatra in his over-exaggerated deep voice, I gain a lot of musical and creative inspiration from my brother and him living in New York now, well, isn’t nice. Anyways, Frank Sinatra was classic—always wearing suits and looking rather dapper. To pay respect to this, I designed a deep blue tuxedo jacket paired with a pencil skirt. To give it a modern twist, I made the shoulders raised and spiked. The collars and cuffs are a light blue grey, she wears a brown fedora, and the color palette was created as homage to Ol’ Blue Eyes.

James Dean: So, there are many things I regret about this design. After using about twenty pieces of cardstock trying to get this design right and coming to a point of utter frustration, I decided to just keep it at the first sketch I did that was remotely what I was envisioning, which still isn’t it. I was inspired by the idea of a simple white t-shirt from Rebel Without A Cause. I dropped the collar low, and at first made cuffs on the short sleeves but about ten sketches I threw out the idea. One thing I made a mistake on is the color. Firstly, I wanted to make it a more of an ombre from a silk white to a milk white for the idea of the t-shirt—but without realizing it, I grabbed the wrong Copic marker and screwed it up. Pockets, a sheer skirt, and a white bandeau top complete this design, I’m too sad to talk more about this design. -.-

Elvis Presley: I found my inspiration for the King from his famous white bejeweled and studded jumpsuit, and used this inspiration to weave a fun and sophisticated party dress. Over a sweetheart neckline are baby blue wings cupping outwards, with sheer cut-outs bowing downwards on her baby blue cinched waist. A mesh boat-neckline covers her top half, with hundreds of crystals in different yellows and blues falling down fitted long sleeves with gold metallic cuffs. The full satin skirt also has a gold metallic hemline. I colored his hair blonde for his natural color. This was my favorite. :) (I totally made her right boob bigger by total accident, it’s bothering me greatly. Oops.)

Doing this challenge made me realize how much I adore classic Hollywood cinema, rather than most of the frump that’s out today. Now I want to watch An Affair to Remember… You can follow along with my Fashion Design Challenges or catch up with them at my Tumblr here! :)

Day 8 of 30 Day Fashion Design Challenge

Design swimwear inspired by these five classic characters from Sesame Street: Oscar the Grouch, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Big Bird.

Oscar the Grouch: I designed a one piece swimsuit for Oscar. The suit has white piping with side cut-outs, and the top is a lime-green. The rest of the suit is a metallic silver to highlight the fact that he lives in a trash can. Hehehe.

Big Bird: For this bikini, I was inspired mostly by Big Bird’s color palette. He’s yellow, with pink and orange legs. I designed a high-waisted bikini set with orange outer lining and pink piping for seams for a more fitted look.

Cookie Monster: Like the other Muppets, Cookie Monster is fluffy and big but I really wanted to highlight his fluffiness. I designed a two piece bikini that are layered in ruffles, with a oatmeal colored bow with “chocolate-chip” polka dots. My favorite in this challenge.

Elmo: So I thought… differently for Elmo. I thought more towards his “Tickle Me Elmo” products, so I think that’s why it looks more like lingerie according to my sisters. The bottoms sit higher on the waist than normal hipster bottoms and are a V shape. The top looks more like a bra with a more revealing opening upfront. I created a double orange ruffle on the bottom of the top and a one layer ruffle for the top of the bottoms, and for Elmo’s bright orange nose? A bow in the center of the bottoms.

Abby Cadabby: I think I went overboard trying to stay true to her character. The top, alike to Elmo’s, is given more of a fitted bra-like shape. The outline is in a sugar pink and the middle is purple. The bottoms are also a sugar pink and have a pale blue skirt.

All of my designs are brighter in color, my scanner dulls the color and detail. :(

I forgot I used to design menswear. I dug these out for my California College of the Arts portfolio to show a variety, they’re poorly drawn though. I miss designing menswear, but I always create jackets and sweaters. Men fashions are limited. I want to change that.


With my CCA application due in 16 hours, I have scattered my favorite designs all over the floor to start picking my 20 that I will submit as my portfolio. I’m going to include a majority from my Fashion Design Challenges and a few that I submitted for my Otis portfolio last year. :)

Day 7 of 30 Day Fashion Design Challenge

Design an evening gown inspired by three pre-chosen flags of the world, with the three being South Africa, Bahamas, and Argentina.

South Africa: This dress was inspired heavily by the lines and the design of the flag, I only tweaked with the color palette of the flag because I felt the colors were too strong and I wanted to soften and brighten them instead. The front and back have similar deep plunging necklines, with a body hugging top that are in bright hues such as blue, jade green, and yellow—which are played off the deep blue, hunter green, and mustard yellow displayed on the flag. Mid-thigh the dress slits and opens with a full chiffon light rogue colored skirt. To keep the black triangle in the mix, I designed her a black bootie.

Argentina: This dress was inspired by the sun rays in the middle of the flag, overall, I wanted the dress to be reminiscent of sunshine. Beginning in the center of her stomach I created a bright yellow and white striped wrapping, creating a deep-v neck in both the front and back of the gown. This gown also includes fitted white long sleeves with yellow diagonal cuffs and a cut-out in the lower back. The skirt is a pale blue soft chiffon with an elongated train.

Bahamas: I love this dress. I LOVE this dress. I LOVE THIS DRESS. I don’t know why I am so in adore with this dress of all dresses I’ve designed in these Challenges the most, but I do! The top is a black triangle facing downward with bright yellow panels starting at the waist and wrapping around to the lower back. The top of the back has a strap to keep the top together, and I imagine it to be a gold plate to keep things interesting. The skirt is a bright blue. I just love the colorful simplicity of it.

Follow the rest of my challenges at my Tumblr, it’s occurring daily! Spread the word please and thank you! :D

Hi :)

I just wanted to show a little inside look of my illustrating, which is mainly me lying on my floor in my sea of Copic markers, Sharpies, graphite pencils and dozens of failed and rough sketches tossed off to the side. The drawing you see is from my upcoming Flag inspired challenge that I will be posting tonight. :D Listening to fantastic music inspires the mind passionately, so I was pretty elated when one of my favorite Yeah Yeah Yeahs song played on a shuffled playlist—who have been my favorite band since I was twelve. :) This is wuv.

Day 6 of 30 Day Fashion Design Challenge

Design head-to-toe outfits for a couple going to their high school Prom inspired by ten pre-chosen classic and popular video game characters. 

Princess Peach and Mario: I would like to introduce my Prom version of Princess Peach and Mario, or, Prom Queen and King of the Video Game realm. (To myself at least!) To start off, my Princess Peach dress is a bright sugar pink, but my scanner made it look incredibly pale. I wanted to make her dress look like a pageant goddess, so I designed a band that wraps around her neck that is an assortment of different crystal colors to give her that shine and sparkle. To pay homage to the blue broach on the character’s dress, I included a bright blue stone in the middle of her chest. Also, I love the cut-outs and open back design I made for her. Mario may be a plumber, but I wanted him to look like stud-muffin royalty by designing him a fitted dark blue tux with pale blue collar and details, as well as a grey vest and a red bow tie with the red representing his popular color.

Princess Daisy and Luigi: I imagined this couple to be more like the hipsters of high school, maybe you will get that vibe, maybe not. Daisy’s mustard colored gown is fitted and ladylike, with a body hugging bodice and skirt that falls to her feet. The back wraps around to introduce a cut-out back. Again, I designed a tulle peplum skirt with jade green crystals falling and minimizing in their collections. Luigi matches perfectly with his date by wearing a matching jade green fitted suit with mint collars and cuffs, a mint and white gingham button-up, a grey sweater, and a blue tie as a nod towards his classic overalls.

Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong: So I was a little floored when my sisters gave me Diddy and Dixie Kong, but after studying their characters I knew immediately what to do. I imagined them to be like the hip-hop couple, with Dixie being the beauty who loves getting dolled up and has dreamt of her Prom since she was a little girl and Diddy being the guy who throws on a hat and calls it a day. Dixie’s outfit is simple really—a pink crop top that ties in the front. I designed a meticulously wrapped dress that hugs her whole entire body, and right before the big puff of luxe tulle at her knees, all the journey of wrapping ends with a big pink bow. For Diddy’s outfit, I wanted to make it seem as if he picked out his Prom outfit last minute. He’s wearing a white button-up, fitted grey vest and slacks, and a red skinny tie and red baseball cap. I purposely made him not match because of picking everything “last minute,” he went with a color that closely matched to the color he thought she said her gown was. Plus, the character’s hat is red.

Pacman and Ms.Pacman: I designed the classic couple with that simple notion in mind: to keep them classic. I imagined them to be dressed up as if they’re the couple stuck in the fifties. Ms.Pacman’s bodice has a petal effect with electric blue lined panels that are black and covered with white stones, this was inspired by the blue obstacles, black background, and white dots in the game itself. The red bow at the waist nods to Ms.Pacman’s bow and the high to low yellow chiffon skirt is supposed to look more like her “open mouth.” Her head band accessory even has the colors of each of the four ghosts that follow her and her date. Speaking of which, I do sincerely wish I did pay more attention to Pacman’s attire to compliment his classic arcade character, but the only thing that’s really him is the red bow that’s supposed to represent Ms.Pacman! Oh well. *And oops, I just realized I wrote MRS not MS on the sketch. Awkward apologies.

Zelda and Link: Personally, designing Zelda’s dress was very difficult for me, what you see now is probably the fifth sketch I went through whereas the other sketches are probably the first or second. It was hard because I spent so much of my childhood watching my older siblings play the N64 games, and plus, Zelda has SO MANY different designs! I ended up basing the final gown and the color palette off the Ocarina of Time gown as her adult self, where the magenta pink of the top are her cups with a straight neckline, a heath lavender chiffon skirt and fitted bodice, and a pale blue fitted waist. There’s white lining all over the place mainly for design, but the bodice has a hidden triforce, or what I tried doing as a triforce. Open back, yes, I really love open back gowns. Now Link was more grungy at first, with fitted brown slacks and a green deep v-sweater over a white button-up and green skinny tie, but I ended up using Sharpie to make a poor blazer over because he looked too under dressed. I wish I stayed more true to the character, so again, apologies.

I had SO MUCH FUN with this challenge! :D I even gave the girls corsages! YEE! Follow the rest of my challenges at my Tumblr, it’s occurring daily! Spread the word please and thank you! :D

Day 5 of 30 Day Fashion Design Challenge

Design an evening gown inspired by five pre-chosen Superheroes: The Flash, Superman, The Incredible Hulk, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

The Flash: This gown was inspired heavily by the superhero costume itself, and I think that’s pretty evident. I created a bright red gathered bodice with a sweetheart neckline that then falls and hugs around the butt, since the rest is very sheer to expose her legs since she deserves to show them off. After all, she’s a runner. The front and the back of the gown have a crystallized lightening bolt that creates a one-shoulder, and also connects at the bottom of her torso. There is also a little lower-back cut-out, and I even went to town with the heels.

Superman: Personally, I feel Superman is more well-known for wearing a cape than other superheroes, but that’s just me. I created a sheer lipstick red draping that makes a v-neckline in the front and the back of the gown, it also hugs below the waist to accentuate her curves. To represent Superman’s bright yellow belt and the yellow in the S on his chest, I made a bra and straps to hold her girls in place, and the yellow belt is used keep the red fabric in place as well. The gown is then complimented by a blue fitted skirt with a mermaid tail with tulle underneath.

The Incredible Hulk: I wanted to make the Hulk one classy son of a gun, and not to toot my horn, but I think I succeeded. The gown itself is a jade green fitting dress from chest to the floor, with a v-neck of sheer fabric. I then created a BIG luxe tulle skirt of an ombre falling from purple to a light lavender. The top of the skirt begins with thousands of little crystals grouped together that again fall into a lighter crumble of stars. The idea of this dress gathered together when I decided I wanted to give the imagery of his purple trunks exploding when he turns into the Hulk. Hehehe.

Batman: To stay true to this superhero, I wanted to make this design more gothic and dark than the others. Most can’t see it, but the neckline and the back-line was inspired by the yellow bat on Batman’s costume. There’s light grey cut-outs making an X exposing some of her stomach, as well as cut-outs below her breasts. Again, sheer cut-outs are seen going down the leg. The draped sleeves were meant to represent the wings of a bat, and I added large gold spikes to make it a little more darker. Above the chiffon mermaid skirt I created what looks like a capital M, this represents the top of Batman’s boots since they typically appear to be pointing upward.

Wonder Woman: For some reason, I thought of Miley Cyrus when it came to imagining up this gown. From there, I immediately knew I wanted to create a bohemian-like Wonder Woman. The bodice was created with huge influence from her leotard, with the shape and designs. I made a W and M in the design in the yellow to represent her name yet blends in to create an intricate suit of lines and zig zags. The straps are meant to be a gold plate to give her more of a superhero effect. The bottom of the gown was designed to be more loose than the rest of the dress since there’s a lot of attention on the bodice. The red fabric falls to hug the waist, like the way my Superman design does. I drew little chains to represent her ropes, which falls above a soft baby blue ombre chiffon pleated skirt.

My favorite was Wonder Woman’s, my sisters’ favorites were The Flash. What’s yours?

This is a 30 Day Challenge made by my sisters Stephanie and Clarissa, so stay tuned since I will be updating regularly. :) See the rest on my Tumblr!

Day 4 of 30 Day Fashion Design Challenge

Design a casual outfit inspired by three pre-chosen holidays: Easter, Fourth of July, and Christmas.

Note* Before I explain my designs, I did make a few rough sketches of outfits with pants and shorts and not just dresses. I’m not a one trick pony. The designs I coincidentally adored the most ended up being the dresses.

Easter: This holiday is associated with pastels and light colors, so immediately I dove to the idea of a vintage-inspired sun dress. There’s a round collar complimenting the boat neckline, that goes along with a v-neck on the back side with buttons trailing underneath. I made a little bow that is cinched above the full tulle skirt, which I colored in with many very pretty watercolor pastels. Stephanie contemplated whether or not she could wear this to church (something I wouldn’t know), and decided she could. My sisters picked this one as their favorite.

Fourth of July: I didn’t want to do the obvious of fireworks or patrioticism, but instead, I was inspired by the idea of summer and what to wear going out for your Fourth of July celebrations. For this, I designed a maxi-dress with a chiffon skirt that falls into an ombre of rogue red and tangerine with a keyhole front opening and is backless. There’s a fitted slip dress underneath, so mid-thigh to the toes is completely sheer, which is a rather pretty trend right now.

Christmas: Honestly, I don’t like this design much, I feel it’s too simple. I designed a simple off white dress with a skirt that is longer than the back, and a jade green fitted blazer. I imagined it with to be worn visiting family during Christmas: causal, comfortable and classy.

This is a 30 Day Challenge made by my sisters Stephanie and Clarissa, so stay tuned since I will be updating regularly. :) See the rest on my Tumblr!

Day 3 of 30 Day Fashion Design Challenge

Design a cocktail dress inspired by three pre-chosen National Monuments.

Hoover Dam: I had no idea what to do for the Hoover Dam. I even argued with my sisters telling them that the Hoover Dam is not really that much of a monument mainly because I had no clue how to be inspired by it. Eventually I did, and I got this. The blue is meant to be the waterfall of the dam, and the peplum skirt represents the dam itself. I liked this one the best.

The White House: For this dress, I designed it to dive more into the architectural aspect of the White House. The weird straps/shawl/I don’t really know what I designed things represents the roof above the columns of the House, which are represented through my use of the rib boning. I also designed it to have a little red and blue to be a little cocktail patriotic.

Lady Liberty: I definitely wanted to go Grecian for this dress, but I honestly feel like it is a little unoriginal. I, again, went for the mint green. (That marker is quickly becoming my favorite.) It’s a fitted ruched dress with a chiffon over layer that covers one shoulder and creates a two layered skirt.

This is a 30 Day Challenge made by my sisters Stephanie and Clarissa, so stay tuned since I will be updating regularly. :) See the rest on my Tumblr!