I wish I was at WonderCon 😔
And Comic Con is sold out and I’m still waiting for the panel schedule for Anime Expo. Anime Expo was much more fun anyways, I’m just bummed I’m doing homework. Maybe I’ll go to Comikaze this year to fill the void of not going to Comic Con or Wonder Con hahaha sigh

oh my god i got distracted from the essays i’m writing and i just discovered the word document where i would write all of my good morning messages on in high school, i totally forgot i wrote those. i even saved all the sweetest little messages people would write back to me thanking me and telling me how much my good morning messages would make their day. their responses would make my day, and just reading them now grew the biggest cheesiest smile on my face. almost half, actually mostly all of the people who would say those things i lost contact with. wow, that was so long ago. was 2010 and 2011 really that long ago? did i really graduate three years ago this may? i’m on the verge of an existential crisis and i need to get back to writing three essays but damn that was a fun / happy / good time to be alive, junior and senior years were the funnest years. then all of my hope just died. i miss writing my good morning messages sometimes, maybe my hope would come back if i wrote them again. i don’t know.


At 7:26 pm today, my cat, my first ever pet, Lucy passed away. The last 14 years having you part of our family Lucy was such a blessing; your memories and life will live on. thank you to everyone who was lucky enough to experience such a loving cat, no one will replace her. May you rest in peace and I hope there’s plenty of potato chips for you to eat in your kitty heaven ❤️

I’m crying again 😫

Yoooooooo I just found out that my cat has cancer and she might not live through the week, or tonight even. 😳 She’s gonna turn 14 years old on the 26th of April.

Yooooooooo today is so so massively good
I went to La Luz de Jesus Gallery to see Charlie Immer’s show (!!!!!!! So!!!!!!!! Good!!!!!!! I’ve been looking forward to this for months!!!!!!), Yoshimoto Nara’s show at Blum & Poe (no one goes to the second floor of the gallery which is a real shame because it chronicles his entire career and it had my personal favorite piece which was a little hole in the wall with a little one of his characters sitting in a dark room under a lightbulb, it makes sense with photos), Fuco Ueda’s at ThinkSpace (her detail is so fucking insane in person, I wanted to cry), and Mark Whalen at Merry K Gallery (MARK FUCKING WHALEN WALKED INTO THE GALLERY AND I KNEW IT WAS HIM BUT I DIDNT FREAKIN SAY ANYTHING AND HE LEFT AND I ASKED THE RECEPTIONIST IF IT WAS HIM AND WHEN SHE CONFIrmed IT WAS I FELT SO DUMB I WAS AT HIS SHOW AND HE CAME AND GOD I AM SUCH AN IDIOT HIS SHOW WAS SO GODDAMN BRILLIANT). Yeah yeah and now I’m waiting for the second OVA from Attack on Titan to get translated and I’m especially excited because i guess Jean is a huge part of it ha ha ha what a good day

Oh my god during the middle of lecture today some random dude slammed open the door and stood with his back against the classroom with his cell phone raised above his head and screamed SUPER FUCKING LOUD like some battle war cry and walked out of the classroom like nothing even happened and some girl was like “oh god he’s recording a Vine”
So if someone finds this Vine pls send it my way thank you

This is the river that runs alongside the trail right behind my house, it’s my backyard basically. I also watched Frozen tonight for the first time and my sisters and I (and my dad) cried our eyes out. I REALLY LIKED IT.

I hate you Groupon :(

I’m watching Attack on Titan with my dad and I just really want to know how the 104th reacted when they heard that Wall Maria fell since they’re from Wall Rose like Connie and Sasha and Jean and Marco and what kind of things they heard and if they were scared and I want flashbacks of their baby ten year old selves okay



So I created a timeline of the Year 850 gathering information until Ch. 55 of the Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin saga to get a clear idea of how much time has passed since the 104th graduated. I gathered evidence and facts from mainly the manga but I did refer to the anime once or twice. (I’ve read the manga nearly three times now and have seen the anime nine times since being introduced in the middle of October. Obviously my life has not been the same.) This contains spoilers. ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ

This timeline is not perfect and Week 8 begins estimations, such as assuming two days have passed since Eren states Historia has been pretty mute since they got to the cabin “a few days ago,” as well as assuming Hanji waits to experiment on Eren three days following Pastor Nick’s death to keep hidden. I’ll try keeping up to date on this timeline as the Chapters go on.

If there are any mistakes, please feel free to correct me with your evidence, but first refer to my in-depth timeline in the Read More link below. (☞゚∀゚)☞ (EDIT: You really don’t have to read the timeline! This is just written for you if you wanted to check up on any inaccuracies and to properly explain why/how I referenced everything. (✪㉨✪))

Thank you & Goodbye (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Read More

The Attack on Titan English dub sounds like the messy incoherent drunk friend you can’t take anywhere who promised you they wouldn’t drink and you believe them but after a concert they’re leaning over you yelling into a dodgy fast food drive-thru speaker box and they swear it’s broken so their voice just get increasingly louder even though it’s so unnecessary and the person taking the order can’t understand them so the drunk yelling friend repeats the order by talking faster instead of slower and you’re just embarrassed and you want to go home and we’re all just very fucking confused and there is no way those voices should be coming out of those bodies what the fuck is even going on anymore

Buff Monster has been one of my favorite artists for 8 years running now, I was so stoked to finally catch his work on the LA streets after all these years. 🍦 | Aug. 2013 | @buffmonster


I am just going to interrupt your feed to announce the next few months are lined with some majestic fucking gallery shows for myself, not to mention the rest of the year. I love Los Angeles. Thank.

Oh and I was going to get my boyfriend free tickets to see Rick Ross but he couldn’t go so I was like ok cool and Kanye West and Big Sean showed up ha ha hA

I am just going to interrupt your feed to announce the next few months are lined with some majestic fucking gallery shows for myself, not to mention the rest of the year. I love Los Angeles. Thank.

so since it’s pretty much confirmed that the King is behind the Titans in the wall and destruction of humanity in Chapter 55, can this explain why Marco was so willing to give an arm and leg for the King to join the Military Police if the Marco-Is-A-Titan theory is true since he most likely dedicated time learning about him growing up and Marco is obviously a devoted (and handsome) little shit willing to fight for what and who he loves ◉◡◉❀